Hellofax: Website to Sign, Edit, and Fax Online Document or Free

Are you a professional or employee who need fax facility to send and receive official document? You can try HelloFax, a site which is able to compensate your need to send various official document in fax form whether to fax number or certain email account. Via this site, you can fax any document from your Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account, you can also sign a document or ask an electronic sign.

Surely this website is free! After you register, you can send 20 faxes for free. Even this website service would give you five additional page everytime you invite a friend to join.

You can register for this service, or simply login via your Google account. This application has pretty simple layout, which provides Getting started, Send a fax, Sign and send, Request signature and Manage your documents options.

Hellofax: Website to Sign, Edit, and Fax Online Document1

If you’ve registered, you can import contact, upload a document and fax it anytime you wanted. What you do only put the Fax number or email address for receiver (if you want to send document through HelloFax via email).

Hellofax: Website to Sign, Edit, and Fax Online Document2

Moreover, you can add your sign by uploading file image, or draw it with input device. HelloFax makes you possible to sign a document using mouse as a pen, also typing in your document. The signature can be used in any file you fax.

Hellofax: Website to Sign, Edit, and Fax Online Document3

You can also do a signature for any document uploaded. Editor feature makes you possible to add your own signature, checkmark or text. By this facility, you can give note to the receiver, so they would know what to do. Or you can add Signature, Initials, Text, Checkmark, and Date Signed using drag & drop function.

Hellofax: Website to Sign, Edit, and Fax Online Document4

Last option in the menu makes you possible to manage and organize your document. HelloFax grouped your document into various category, such as All, Sent, Received, Drafts, Actions Required and Templates.

Hellofax: Website to Sign, Edit, and Fax Online Document5

My conclusion is, HelloFax is a web application made you possible to fax document via website without using fax machine. It would be able to help you sign online and also sign the document you need, so you can send it via receiver through fax or email.

Finally, you can use all functions offered by HelloFax here:


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