HOT: Playing YouTube Video Faster Using Feather Beta

Watching video in YouTube in fact is exciting and become a fun “killing time”. Even we can get additional knowledge if we subscribed various knowledge video canal in YouTube. So, you can do relaxing activity in positive way.

One problem appeared when watching those YouTube Videos are, if you use a slow internet connection, you surely would spend too much time waiting for the video to buffer. So, if you have slower internet connection, but wanted to enjoy videos from YouTube without paying attention about the video quality, you can try YouTube Feather Beta.

HOT: Playing YouTube Video Faster Using Feather Beta

It is an official program from YouTube. When you entered this YouTube Feather Beta program, you’ll see lighter version of YouTube. In this new YouTube page, you would not see overall elements such as information panel, share button, all related video, responses, vote in each comments, so it would make you able to load the video faster in your slow internet connection.

Curious? Try to visit YouTube Feather Beta in:

You should click on “Join Feather Beta” option first to change all your YouTube page.

HOT: Playing YouTube Video Faster Using Feather Beta


After SOT tried it, in fact buffering process is quite fast. But you should know, the video quality provided for you become the lowest quality. However, it’s no problem if you just want to find out the video, not deeply enjoy it.

HOT: Playing YouTube Video Faster Using Feather Beta


If you don’t like this service’s option, then you can go back into YouTube Regular version. To do this, you’d just have to head into YouTube Feather Beta page once again and click on “Leave Feather Beta” button.

If you’re low bandwidth user who experienced this matter to watch videos in YouTube, then you shall try this tips!


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    YouTube feather Lite version is good option when video buffers slowly. If someone is facing buffering problems on regular YouTube then you can get some helpful tips from here:

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