How to add Image in Facebook Chat by SmileyChatCodes

Facebook is one of social networks offered various attractive features to their user from time to time, and until now Facebook is still loved and some people also a bit addicted to this Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

One of the Facebook flagship feature since it was launched until now is chat feature or Facebook chat. Via this feature, Facebook users would be able to send message with other online users. If previously Facebook only have simple feature, now via the chat feature, you can also use various emoticon and in a glance, it is similar as facility provided by Yahoo Messenger.

How to add Image in Facebook Chat by SmileyChatCodes

Sometimes, emoticon feature in Facebook is considered lack by users, since in fact, the emoticons provided is only that and still not able to express the real expression of its user when chatting or sending instant message.

As solutions, today SOT will give you a tips about how to insert an image via
chat Facebook. By using free online service named Facebook Chat Codes Maker, you’ll be able to insert any image into your Facebook chat.

Feel free to view these three simple steps:

1. Open and visit this link:

How to add Image in Facebook Chat by SmileyChatCodes

2. Select the image you want to be inserted into chat by clicking on “Choose File” button, and after that, click on “Upload Now” and wait until the process is finished.

How to add Image in Facebook Chat by SmileyChatCodes

3. After the process is finished, you’ll find that the code from the previous image has been converted into numbers. You just have to copy those numbers and paste them in your window or Facebook chat window, and Whoops… You can see that the image would be appeared in your Facebook chat. When you put (paste) the number code in chat window, but the image is not appeared or blank, you can refresh your browser or reload to see the change.

How to add Image in Facebook Chat by SmileyChatCodes

How about that? Easy, isn’t it? Inserting images into Facebook chat. By the support of this site, it surely would be very useful. Moreover when smiley or emoticon in your Facebook already left behind and boring. I hope it would be useful. ^_^

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