How to change photo into cartoon in one minute or less!

Some moments ago, I’ve just changed my photo into cartoon to make it as my Facebook profile picture. Since I’m not so good about design, surely I searched how to create photo into cartoon fast, easy, and free. After I searched for a while, I finally found three online applications which are able to change photo into cartoon instantly! Wow… Creating cartoon picture is not as hard as I thought before^^.


Because this online cartoon photo editing result is quite satisfying, I have initiative to share it for you. The good news is, you don’t have to owe specific design skill to change those pictures you had into attractive cartoon picture.

A. Befunky

This is my favorite online application which I often used to change photo into cartoon. Befunky is the most advanced application from all application I discussed today. This application has so many effect, frame, goodies, style text, etc. Cartoonizer is one tool inside Befunky and we can use it to change photo into cartoon. Just follow the manual to change photo into cartoon using Befunky:

1. Open Befunky application.


2. Click on Get Started.


3. Select Artsy in main menu and select Cartoonizer in sub menu.


4. in upload menu, select your photo source. I choose to upload from computer.


5. Now you can directly set parameter and style of existing cartoonizer. Set so you can get cartoon picture which suits your expectation.


6. After it’s finished, you can directly save the cartoon picture in your computer.


The product from Befunky is quite amazing, even without watermark addition!

B. Cartoonize

Difference with Befunky which has so many editing tools, Carrtoonize offers an application to change photo into cartoon instantly without any other tools!. You just need to do four steps only:

1. Open Cartoonize site.


2. Upload photo you wanted into cartoon.


3. Select cartoon style you wanted. My favorite is the third style. You can try the other styles as your taste. Then click on Catoonize Now.


4. Wait until some moments and your picture will automatically turn into cartoon. You can directly download the picture.


Cartoonize adds a watermark in the right corner of your photo. You can erase it by do cropping with photo editor software you had. I myself prefer to erase it using stamp tool through photoshop.

C. Dumpr Sketch

If you like sketch more than cartoon, this online application can be your choice. Dumpr Sketch is able to change photo into sketch easily and instantly!

1. Open Dumpr Sketch.

Dumpr Sketch

2. Click on Browse, select photo you want to edit into cartoon, then click on Continue.


3. Your photo will automatically change into sketch picture. You can directly save it by click on Save
How about that? Easy, isn’t it?


By free tools above, it doesn’t take a long time to change photo into cartoon. Even after I counted it with stopwatch.. I just need 52 seconds to make cartoon photo. No wonder if finally I titled this article: How to Create Photo into Cartoon in one Minute or Less!

I hope it will be beneficial ^^

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