How to Get 14 GB Pro Features Online Storage from Wuala!

Online storage now is very popular to backup and storing data online. This popularity also supported by online storage ability to synchronize data to various mobile device such as BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and other smartphones.

How to Get 14 GB Pro Features Online Storage from Wuala!

By using online storage, your file will backed up and synchronized automatically so you can access it wherever you are and whenever you want.

I’ve several times discussed about how to get premium online storage services for free, one of them is how to get 5.5 GB Online Storage on SugarSync.

Well, now I’ll give you more tips for you to be able to get 14 GB of online storage, complete with its PRO features at Wuala for free!

Wuala is one of online storage service company which offer several PRO features such as:

1. Universal access
2. Privacy dan security
3. OS integration
4. Streaming access.
5. Sharing allowed.
6. Backup
7. Sync
8. Time travel
9. File versioning.

Normally, 10 GB Wuala online storage with pro features sold for $29 per year. But using this tips you can get 14 GB online storage with PRO features included for completely FREE! Follow these steps below :

1. Download Wuala client software for free:


Download Wuala client software

2. Install Wuala client software (WualaSetup.exe)

3. Open Wuala client software.

4. Click on “Create Free Account” button.

Click on "Create Free Account" button

5. Fill your data and click on “Create Account” button.

Fill your data and click on "Create Account" button

6. To activate the PRO Features in your Wuala account, go to tools -> option -> – buy storage -> and redeem this coupon below:


Click on “Redeem” button, your Wuala PRO Features will activated and you will get 2GB extra storage using this coupon.

Click on "Redeem" button

Wuala PRO Features activated and get 2GB extra storage

7. To increase your online storage capacity, do the same method like step 6 above, but use these promo codes one by one. Each of these promo codes will give you extra 1GB storage for free!


Redeem Coupon One by One

8. After you redeem all of those coupon codes, total online storage you’ve got is 13GB and your PRO feature becomes activated.

total online storage you've got is 13GB and your PRO feature becomes activated

Plus with 1 GB storage you’ve got after you register at the first time, now your overal online storage capacity at Wuala is 14GB with PRO features fully activated. Enjoy !! :)

your overal online storage capacity at Wuala is 14GB with PRO features fully activated

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  • anonymous

    Thanks for the great info!

    Although if I understand correctly all these promo codes expire in one year.

    • @ anonymous : Yea, you’re right..This promo codes will expire in one year only..that’s the bad! thanks for the heads up :)

      • Chadsassou

        They expire after only 3 months :(

        • Umightspam

          CONNECT-WITH-SUPPORT is still valid, and for 12 months

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Umightspam for your feedback, it’s very useful for other spyontech readers :)

  • Hi,

    Another 3GB is available with the following promo code : PCWELT06

    • @ Martin : Wow..awesome, martin! Thanks for the coupon ! :)

  • Nathan

    For 2GB more use this one:

    • Nathan

      Oops, it’s actually worth 10GB! Sorry for typo.

      • @ Nathan : thanks for your info, Nathan…I’ll update this posts with that new coupon code.. :)

  • Anonymous

    All : guys, I’ve just got additional code. Each of these codes worth 1GB additional wuala free storage. Now you don’t only get 14GB but 16GB. Here is the codes:


    Try it guys :)

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  • Ilikeitwhenitrains

    If you really need a reliable online storage provider, I recommend Iozeta. I’ve been using their service without any problems.

  • Jan

    More 3 GB:

  • Newwualauser

    During registration if one uses the promo code BCAFKPNC7GHFMG7JNPFJ one receives 3GB instead of 2GB free without expiry date.

  • no name

    Invitations like this:
    get you 6 instead of 5 GB when newly subscribing (these 6 GB never expire).

    • harry

      unfortunately, they expire. including the referal GB. Just got an email from wuala, telling me that I have 30 days buy or my storage will be removed….

  • peter

    we added

  • scmozo

    CONNECT-WITH-SUPPORT still valid, thanks! gets you an extra GB on signup for 12 months (currently 6GB instead of 5GB)

  • jojo

    still working:




  • jojo


  • Josue Contreras

    Awesome, thank you!

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