How to Get Additional 750 MB Space Dropbox for free (+Bonus!)

I cannot count how many times SpyOnTech gave tips to add Dropbox space with various ways. My Dropbox space which previously only 2GB, now became 18.34 GB! Now, there’s another way to add your Dropbox space for free. Space offered amount 750MB. Not bad, isn’t it?

For you who haven’t found out, Dropbox is an online service to store or backup our data, so the data would be secured and can be accessed wherever we are. This Dropbox service commonly called as cloud storage or backup storage. By registering in Dropbox, you’ll get 2GB space for free!

Dropbox Main page

Return to the discussion, Dropbox now has opened a chance for you to add your space account for 750MB. It’s quite easy, you just have to visit your dropbox account and visit this Dropbox page:

There you’ll find some task option you can do with bonuses you can get if you’ve already finished those tasks. Don’t worry. It’s not difficult to finish the task.

How to Get Additional 750 MB Space Dropbox for free (+Bonus!)

There are five tasks you can do to add your account space with 750MB space. You can see Dropbox basic manual to get additional 250MB, connect your Facebook account to get 125MB, connect your Twitter account to get more 125MB, follow twitter dropbox to get additional 125 MB and give feedback to get more 125MB.

After finishing all tasks there (it won’t cost more than 10 minutes) Voila!… My Dropbox space which was previously 18.34GB has turned into 19.22 GB! Cool, isn’t it??

How to Get Additional 750 MB Space Dropbox for free (+Bonus!)


Just as I wrote in the title, I will also give a tutorial bonus to get at least 500 MB again from Dropbox. It’s by uploading photo to Dropbox by using Camera Upload feature. This Camera Upload feature is available in all Dropbox applications, whether Android, Mac, or Windows application.

Using Camera Upload via Android

First time open a Dropbox application for Android, there would be notification displayed, whether you will enable dropbox via data plan to upload photo in your gadget or not. Choose prefrerence you wanted, then click on upload. Uploading one picture using Camera Upload feature will add more 500MB space in your dropbox account!

Dropbox application for Android

Using Camera Upload via Windows or Mac

After dropbox application is installed in your Mac or Windows, each time you connect your cell phone or camera to your computer, there will be a notification to upload photo to dropbox folder appeared. Select Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox and your photo will automatically uploaded to Camera Upload folder in dropbox. Uploading one picture using this feature will also add more 500MB space in your dropbox account!

Dropbox application for Windows or Mac OS

It’s easy, isn’t it, to add your dropbox space account? Keep following other tips from SpyOnTech to avoid you miss information about the best free offers you can get!

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