How to Get Free 10 GB Cloud Storage from Pogoplug

This recent time, you must be familiar with cloud storage. This online storage media is so popular today. Syontech even often shares tips to get cloud storage service for free (5,5 GB from Sugarsync, 5 GB from Box, 2 GB from Dropbox, etc). Now it’s time for Syontech to share tips to get 10 GB cloud storage for free from Pogoplug! This chance is really limited since this 10 GB is only given in the next one week. Interesting?


Pogoplug is cloud storage service focusing in mobile area. In Pogoplug, you can store photo and video recorded from your cell phone, shares HD video you’re your friend instantly and easily, publishing photo and video to social network easily, even creating share folder easily.

Pogoplug conforms for cell phone user with unlimited internet connection ( Android or iPhone ). By 10 GB online storage media, you can store thousands photos from your cell phone comfort and safe.

Normally, Pogoplug only shares 5 GB cloud storage for free for its users. But using this way, you can get more 10 GB free cloud storage from Pogoplug. This chance is limited for one week only, so quickly follow this short guidance:

1. Visit promo Pogoplug page to get free 10 GB cloud storage.
2. Fill in email and password you wanted, then click on “Create My Cloud”.


3. 10 GB cloud storage from Pogoplug is ready to be used.

You can download Pogoplug applications to use this Cloud Storage mobile optimally. There is also Pogoplug Browser, Pogoplug application for Android also Pogoplug application for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Remember, you can get this 10 GB cloud storage only for the next one week, after that, you’ll only receive 5GB.


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