Jamendo: Radio streaming with music You Can Download

There are so many radio streaming online from various channel all over the world. One of them is ShoutCast which has more than 53 thousands channels. Unfortunately almost all radio streaming doesn’t have one simple feature: download!

Jamendo, one of radio streaming which once closed, now have been re-released. Different with most Radio Streaming, in Jamendo you can download the song you love for free and legal. How come? Isn’t downloading a song is illegal?

Yup. It probably because songs in Jamendo are dominated with new artists songs who shared their song for free to introduce their artwork. Here, you won’t find the latest song from Lady Gaga or Rihanna… But don’t underestimate this new artists. They have cool songs too!

Jamendo has 10 channels you can enjoy, include:

  • Best of Radio
  • Lounge Radio
  • Rock Radio
  • Electronic Radio
  • HipHop Radio
  • World Radio
  • Jazz Radio
  • Classical Radio
  • Pop Radio
  • Songwriting Radio

To listen and downloading music in Jamendo, you don’t have to register and login. Just visit the site and select channel or song you love.

Jamendo: Radio streaming with music You Can Download

Jamendo: Radio streaming with music You Can Download

Jamendo: Radio streaming with music You Can Download

However, features such as add to playlist and some of the functions can be used only when you login. There’s nothing wrong by registering and login in Jamendo. It’s free anyway :D

Feel free to visit Jamendo Radio Streaming here:


Jamendo Homepage:


Listening songs in Jamendo is an exact way to stay up to date to various new songs by new artists.

Feel free to enjoy this radio streaming… and don’t forget to share your impression after using Jamendo in SOT comment column below.

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