Jobs Aggregator: Makes you easier Searching Jobs Vacancy in Internet

Are you looking for a job? Internet is truly one of the information source which give you huge advantage. However, if you don’t want to spend hours searching jobs vacancies via search engine which possibly brought you thousands vacancies which are not suitable with specification you wanted, even sometimes expired, you can use this chrome extension: Jobs Aggregator.

This extension is a search engine with narrow focus, able to help you finding job options which are suitable with your expectation by selecting from huge database. Not only practical, Jobs aggregator is so easy to be used, also gives credible searching result.

First of all, you need to install Jobs aggregator in your Google chrome:

After installation procedure, Google Chrome will offer you to directly launch application or not. Next, to open jobs aggregator, you just have to click on Apps tab on your Google Chrome.


You can search by typing title or work type, keyword, company name in certain location. You can also specify the profession type you wanted, whether part-time, temporary, full-time or contract work, even for undergraduate students, it’s able to find internship.


After filling the form provided, click on Search to display works in certain field. Arrow in upper bar will help you to do navigation between pages when the result out.


If you find an interesting job title, you will just have to click on to display work detail. Select View Full Listing if you want to enter to the web page from site which advertise the job vacancy.

This extension will surely help you to find work list you wanted in specific location. Moreover, the procedure is quite fast, so I really suggest this extension to enrich information for you who look for job.

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