JustBeamIt: Easy Way to Share Files Online

If you’re a type of person who often use online service to do file sending activity via internet, it is no longer secret that the common service used users, which is sending files via elektronic mail or email media.

How to use file sharing service now can be said easy and simple since all file sharing service commonly has been designed in user friendly way. Beside user would be able to save time without sign in first just like when using email, space offered by some file sharing services can be considered bigger than file attachment allowed in sending files via email.

JustBeamIt: Easy Way to Share Files Online


One of the online service which would be discussed by SOT this time is JustBeamIt, this file sharing service is one of the most suitable online file sharing service which you can use in various online file sharing ritual in fast and secure way for sure.

Feel free to visit JustBeamIt site from this link:

JustBeamIt : http://www.justbeamit.com

It’s so easy to use JustBeamIt, since you don’t have to bother yourself waiting for sign in just like in email service. To share file, what you need only drag n drop file you want to share or just click on parachute image on the center of the screen, then click on ‘create link’ and without waiting for a long time, your file can be shared to your friends or colleagues by giving the URL or link to be downloaded.

JustBeamIt: Easy Way to Share Files Online

In addition of easy and fast, JustBeamIt also a file sharing service which thinking about security, file or document you shared using JustBeamIt here can be only downloaded once, and after the file is downloaded once, the link will be automatically expired. It’s surely important, especially for you who used to share important documents.

In addition of accessible online through its official site, JustBeamIt also have its application available for Android device and also for Google Chrome extension.

JustBeamIt: Easy Way to Share Files Online

JustBeamIt for Android:


JustBeamIt for Chrome:


In addition of using JustBeamIt to share and send file fast, it would be good for you to see SOT’s previous review about 5 Fastest way of sending Files which people are rare to know and try other services such as Minus, ADrive, or MiMedia to do file sharing easier and more efficient.

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