Learning Computer Science interactively in Khan Academy

Computer is truly smart, but human far smarter! Deal? :D Our computer is able to do many things, but to do it, it needs a “command” wrote by human. Behind all intelligence of a device, applications, software, or any web apps, actually always a human manage and type thousands coding line to command all of them if you want to command your computer by coding line you made yourself, learning Computer Science will be a good beginning.

Learning Computer Science interactively in Khan Academy

Khan Academy has just released a new online subject about Computer Science which is so interactive. You can learn creating animation picture and user interaction via programming. You can even learn the basic of programming there.

In all learning material, there will be two panels, they are left and right panel. On left panel, there are so many coding you can change directly and learn it at once. On the right panel, you can see the effects of coding change you’ve done visually.
You can enjoy all of the materials. Computer science was taught for free here:


Learning Computer Science interactively in Khan Academy

It would enlarge free college material which SOT often shared, such as How to go to Online College in Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Udacity, also various free college ebook in BookBoon.

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