Minus: File Sharing Platform that Provides Simplicity – and 10 GB Space for Free!

File sharing is one of the most useful services for us to share our files or images through the online world, and Minus is a new startup that provides a simplicity for its users. Today, I will share my experience and my personal review when using Minus file sharing platform.

When I visit Minus for the first time, it provides a simple and clean design with drag and drop uploading box located on its homepage. Yep, Minus supports drag and drop technology to upload files and images, make it easy for users to upload and share their files. Simply drag your file and drop it on the upload box, then your file will be automatically uploaded into the Minus server.

Drag and Drop Feature at Minus File Sharing Platform

To upload and share your files, you don’t have to register as a Minus member. However, guest file uploads will expire in 30 days only.

 guest file uploads will expire in 30 days only

Therefore, I recommend you to register and create a free account at Minus. Once you have registered at Minus, you will get 10 GB of free space. Click here to create a free account and get 10 GB free space at Minus.

create a free account and get 10 GB free space at Minus

You can get 1 GB additional space (up to 50 GB) for each new account that registered through your affiliate link.

After users upload their files, users can set their files as private or public. Private file means that the files can’t be searched by other Minus users through the Minus search box. Every uploaded file has a short link (it’s a download link), and you can share this short link with your friends or others.

The best part of Minus is the ability to share files via HTML 5, Desktop (Mac, Windows and Ubuntu), Android, iOS (iPhone), Chrome and Firefox extensions. Users can download Minus Application through Minus Tools page.

Users can download Minus Application through Minus Tools page

The current Minus Help page is a bit messed up. The official video is floating on the right sidebar, and so does the contents.

Minus Help page is a bit messed up


1. It’s simple and easy to use. Drag and drop features make it easy for users to upload their files.

2. It’s supports the latest technology and various devices. Desktop with various OS (Mac, Windows and Ubuntu), Mobile (Android, iPhone) and also browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox)

3. It’s free to be a Minus members and it provides 10 GB space for every member (plus 1GB additional space for every new member who registered using the affiliate link)


1. The current Minus help page design is a bit messed up, especially the video placement.

2. Min.us that used as the file’s short link and affiliate link has an up time issue. (When I write this post yesterday, it was inaccessible. However, everything is accessible now.)

The Bottom line

The features of Minus file sharing platform are really awesome. It’s accessible via desktop and mobile, and supports all popular OS. The simplicity also brought a great value compared with other file sharing services. However, there are several things (such as help page and min.us stability) should be fixed to provide the best experience for its users.

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Chris Febian is the founder of spyontech.com. He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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  1. Alex says:

    thanks for the info, Chris.

  2. jdh says:

    Sorry to be a cynic, but did they pay you to write this?  The reason I ask is that it’s written as if no one had ever heard of Dropbox or other similar services.  A more useful review, and one which would no appear like it came from the seller, would be to compare the several similar services and tell us how you find them similar or different.  Just my 2 cents.

    • Chris Febian says:

      @21d3af3066483abebee363e937f529ae:disqus  : If you read this post a bit faster, then it would be funny if you ask me that they paid me to write this article. Previously, I write about the down time of their services. However, they have been fixed the down time now and I have update the article.

      Thanks for the advice to compared this service with other file sharing services. I would update this post soon with the head to head file sharing comparison.

      Thanks for your advice, jdh. I really appreciate it :)

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