Ninite : Easiest and Fastest Way to Install and Update Software!

Have you ever imagine how long you need to install and update various basic software after you doing reinstall your computer? Or how much time you need to install those basic software on tens or perhaps hundreds of your office’s computers? I’m sure it will take a very long time to complete, and it was very tiring! Ninite will help you to install and update various of basic software with just one click..easy and fast!

Ninite : Easiest and Fastest Way to Install and Update Software!

If you use the normal way, you should download all installer one by one, then install it one by one, click next, install, bla bla bla and it was very tiring! But with Ninite, you don’t need ti be stuck in those bored installation routine.

Ninite is free online service which help you to simplify and accelerate installing and updating process. By using Ninite, you will save a lot of time since you can install dozens of basic software you want with only 1 click!

These are several Ninite benefits you can get when install and update software using ninite:

1. No need to click “next”, “install” or other installation commands repeatedly.

2. Ninite automatically disabling toolbar and other junk installation that commonly found in most software installer.

3. Ninite always filled with up to date software databases.

4. Not only to install, Ninite also be able to update all existing software on your computer.

5. You can use Ninite without register, etc

6. Ninite automatically install the suitable software for you computer, both for 32 bit or 64 bit.

7. Ninite automatically install software according tehe language you use on your computer.

With all of those features, software installation and updating process becomes much faster and easier.

How to use Ninite Online Services? Simply follow these steps below:

1. Visit Ninite homepage below:


2. Check the application you want to install or update.

Check the application you want to install or update

3. Click on “Get Installer” button.

Click on "Get Installer" button

4. There will Ninite small Launcher (about 230kb) downloaded to your computer.

Download Ninite Launcher

5. Double click ninite installer.

Double click ninite Launcher

6. Ninite will automatically install and update all software you’ve chosen before.

Using those method above, Ninite will download, install, and update all of software you need. Everything will complete automatically. During the installation process, you can leave it for your other purposes. Very easy and fast, isn’t it?

Of course to install and update software using Ninite, your computer should be connected to the Internet.

One thing that I consider as the weakness of Ninite is when you installing or updating software on multiple computers, Ninite will download the installer repeatedly on every computer. And it will be a problem for you who using slow internet connection. As a solution, you can use CAMEYO to create several software installers into one package.


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