Now, Finding Anything in Twitter, Gmail, Docs, etc Becomes Easier Using CloudMagic

Recently, online service is developing rapidly. Not just foreign-made online service, our local online service is also developing rapidly. Today there’s an online service which is able to help us searching anything in Twitter, Gmail, Docs, Contacts, Calendar, etc easy and fast. The online service is CloudMagic.

CloudMagic is a free online service worked like a search enghine, but its function is to search anything in various services we have. It can be said that CloudMagis is a private search engine. Confuse? Just pay attention to this case study and how it works:

Let’s say, I want to search anything related with PusatGratis in all online service I have, so I just have to insert ‘PusatGratis’ keyword in CloudMagic, and all things related with PusatGratis will be displayed.

1. Visit cloudMagic site and register yourself



2. Insert services you want to connect with CloudMagic.


3. After connected, CloudMagic will do content index of all those services.


4. Now you can search anything in the service easily. The way to use it is similar with common search engine. Type on keyword you want to be searched and less than a second, searching result would be displayed.

As example, I type on “PusatGratis” keyword, so in less than a second, all email, twitter, docs, event, contact, and other content contained “PusatGratis” word would be displayed.


It will be useful to make us easier finding certain thing in all accounts. It increases your time saving and work productivity, especially for a person who works online like me, I would be so happy.

Next, CloudMagic will add the amount of online service more which is supported such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Evernote, and other popular online service. The main reason is to help you finding what you want to search in those accounts fast and easy.

CloudMagic also has various application you can install in Mobile Phone. This application is very useful to find online service content you use, directly from your cell phone. Here is download link of CloudMagic application:

CloudMagic for Android Application

CloudMagic for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Application

Cloud Magic Addons for Mozilla Firefox

It’s very useful, isn’t it?

This CloudMagic service can be used for free. Keep visiting PusatGratis regularly to find various worth free information

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