Online College in Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and other Popular Campus for Free

Several moments ago, I have joined “Human-Computer Interaction” class of Standford University. From there, I got so many benefits through material taught. I also followed some quizzes and tests, but I haven’t found out the grade… It hasn’t published yet… the grade would be announced two weeks later… :p

Yes! Learning can be done anywhere, anytime, and wherever. Moreover, in internet era just like now. We can learn from any source available, including various popular universities in the world. Our learning source limitation is only our creativity in finding the learning source itself. In this article, I’ll show you how to learn various material provided for free by various well-known universities in the world, such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Udacity, Berkeley, Princeton, etc. It can be said as the way to do “online college” in those colleges for free. Wow!


Just like a common class in campus, there will be a time when class will get started and time when it’s ended. It also happened in “online class” of various well-known universities. Some online class types are:

  • Recent Courses : classes which have just opened
  • Ongoing Courses : classes which already started
  • Upcoming Courses : classes which would be still opened
  • Finished Courses : finished classes and could not be accessed again.

Actually, those various courses are spread wide in the internet and it’s difficult for us to find those various classes one by one, because most of them uploaded randomly in Youtube. However, there’s a site collected those various courses and we can use it to get links to those various courses easily, which is Class Central.

How to Use Class Central

Here is how to use Class Central to find courses from various popular universities which we can learn online:

1. Open Class Central site

2. There will be various course type, they are: Recent Course, Ongoing Course, Upcoming Course and Finished Course.

3. Feel free to choose which course do you want to learn, for example, you want to select Computer Vision class : The Fundamentals.. just click on the link.


4. You’ll be brought to the course page. Just follow the guide in the page. For example, if you’re asked to register, just register it.


5. Now you can directly get into the class to learn material you’ve chosen.


6. After in class, you can find video course, quizzes, and other things, not far different with common lecture.




Remember, this Class Central only help you to find various available courses from popular universities. The links provided surely direct to various sources, for example, to famous university homepage, teacher homepage, etc. the clear fact is, in the link surely there would be an online material you’ve selected.

Now you can go “college” to various popular universities in the world. I hope this simple information can be useful for you. Enjoy learning :)

Natasha Jones is a 20 years-old girl who really passionate about technology. She spent most of her time by looking for any technology issues around the net. Once she get bored, she would take a walk with her lovely dog, Bimboo.

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