Otixo: Let’s Collect Your Cloud Storage Accounts Here!

Do you have many Cloud storage accounts? You can collect all those account and access it just by one login only in Otixo. This application would be suitable for you who have many cloud storage account, but you don’t want to bother access them one by one separatedly.

This time, Otixo support Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net, MobileMe, Skydrive, Sugarsync, Picasa, Amazon S3, CX, Webdav, FTP, MyDrive, CloudMe, 4Shared, Digital Bucket, etc.

Otixo: Let’s Collect Your Cloud Storage Accounts Here!

After you inserted all the cloud storage accounts you had, Otixo would be similar as a hard drive and each of your cloud storage would be a folder.

You can move file from one service to other service just by drag and drop. Yup. Right! You can manage all files in many cloud storage account far easier.

Otixo: Let’s Collect Your Cloud Storage Accounts Here!

In addition of making you easier in accessing and managing spread files in various cloud storage, Otixo will also make you easier in sharing file with friend, family or work-partners. Interesting, isn’t it?

Otixo: Let’s Collect Your Cloud Storage Accounts Here!

To start using Otixo, you have to register first, so you’ll have Otixo account. After that, you’ll just put all your cloud storage account to gather in Otixo.

After all your accounts collected, you can directly manage all files in various cloud storage you had. You’d just have to drag and drop to move file from one service to another.

To add collaborators, you’ll just have to click on plus sign beside My Spaces, then give it a name. select the space, then click on the gear button below and select Manage Collaborators. A dialog box will be opened so you will be able to invite your friends via email to your workspace.

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Unfortunately, this free version of Otixo only limited bandwidth only for 2GB per month. It means, it difficult to manage and share huge files. But if files you managed and shared are work documents or school assignments, 2GB per month would be more than enough. Enjoy trying!

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