Our Digital Data is very meaningful! Get 7GB Free Cloud Storage from MiMedia

We often don’t care about our digital data until our hard disk crash / damage and those important data is lost forever. Just like quotes said by people in relationship: We often don’t know how meaningful someone until we really lost him / her. Whoops ^^. Back to topic, it’s also happened when we treated our digital data. We let our digital data just stored in our hard disk without any back up, etc. If they are lost, we got confused ^^.

Fortunately, the more developed cloud storage business gave us many choice of backup storage to us. Previously, Spyontech once had reviewed about BitDefender Safebox, CX, Box, Dropbox, Sugarsync, to Pogoplug. Now there’s another cloud storage company which gave 7GB cloud storage for free for you: MiMedia. What’s the benefit of cloud storage from MiMedia?


By MiMedia, we can backup our important data automatically and synchronized. Photo, video, documents, software, also other files, all we can backup here. When something happened with our hard disk, data will stay since it has just back up in cloud storage.

Are there any additional feature from MiMedia?

In addition of backup storage, MiMedia also has additional features such as:

1. Music Player and Library to play all music files in cloud storage.
2. Photo viewer and Library
3. Video player and Library
4. M: Drive to store our file from any computer.
5. File sharing

MiMedia gave 7GB for free to their free member. It can be used by you to store about 1000+ songs, 1400+ photos, 140+ videos and more than 7000 documents (various according to file size)

For you who have interest to get 7GB from Mimedia, you just have to register for free.

MiMedia register page


Please understand that your important data is very valuable, before the data lost forever and all become too late ^^

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