Photoshop Alternatives: Free Online Photo Editors that Works!

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editor software and mostly used by people who want to edit and improved their photo’s quality. However, Adobe Photoshop has a very expensive price. Each license of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Full has been priced at $699! Although that price was very reasonable due to its powerful features, there is always an alternative way to edit and improve your photos without make your wallet “sick”. Today, I’m going to show you two online photo editors that could be the best Adobe Photoshop alternatives.

1. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is my favorite online photo editor. This online photo editor is free to use and has a rich photo-editing feature. Sumo Paint features are slightly similar with Photoshop features. The filter menu comes with 3D effects, blur, distort, edge detection, light effects, noise, pixelate, sharpen, stylize, texture and other filters. There are also layer effect features and image improvement features such as brightness / contrast, color balance, color temperature, curves, gradient map, hue / saturation, levels, etc. Sumo Paint also provides a lot of basic tools, including magic wand tool, brush tool, clone stamp tool, etc. Simply go to Sumo Pain app page, and you can edit your photos for completely free!

Sumo Paint Photo Editors

Sumo Paint allows registered users to save their images with layer data at Sumo Account. Users have an ability to create, share, remix, and collaborate their artwork with others. Every image and layer data that saved at Sumo account are always be private. Click here to register at Sumo Paint for free.

People who want to install Sumo Paint on their computer can purchase Sumo Paint Pro for €19. The pro version allows users to edit their photos without an internet connection.

2. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr also a free but powerful online photo editor. Similar with Sumo Paint, Pixlr is free to use. Compared with Sumo Paint, Pixlr provides fewer features to users. Users can optimize their photos using Pixlr adjustment features like brightness / contrast, hue and saturation, color balance, levels, curves, exposures, etc. There are also filtering features, including blur, sharp, pixelate, noise, etc.

Pixlr Editor

Besides Pixlr Editor, there is also Pixlr Express which could help users to improve their photos instantly. Users can select a photo, then optimize it with red eye removal, teeth whitening, auto level, denoise, and other instant features. Click here to edit your photos using Pixlr Editor for Free.

Sumo Paint and Pixlr Editor are two alternatives and cheaper way to edit your photos. Although they can’t fully replace Adobe Photoshop, they are very useful to edit photos without spending $699. If you have other Photoshop alternatives, please share it with us. :)

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