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Do you know about Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Front Mission games? All those cool games are developed by Square Enix. Square Enix is a game developer from Japan. All game they made commonly are RPG and can be said as cool and exciting game. If you are a huge fan of those Square Enix’s games, then you should read this article.

This time Square Enix created place to play HD game online and free, which is Core Online. You can play game in Core Online by only using browser, whether it is Firefox, Chrome or IE. Core Online provided qualified games and worth to be played. Here is games you can play in Core Online:

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Mini Ninjas

Previously, Mini Ninjas game has been released for Nitendo DS, PS3, Wii and also Xbox 360 in previous 2009. but now, it is re-launched with Web application form. It is surely profitable for you who wanted to try this exciting game.

Actually this game told about saving the world from the ferocious attack of an evil Warlord Samurai. This savior is done by Ninja Master by sending his students, but there’s no one came back. There are two person left, they are Hiro and Futo. They have extraordinary skill. Will they succeed in their mission?

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You are the one who take responsible for the successful mission and saving the world. You can use 6 different characters with their own power and skill. There are various weapons and items you can use, such as caltrops, shuriken, various bomb, multi-function ninja hat also various potions and foods. Magic can be used as Hiro who can create fireball, thunder, and many more. There are 22 levels you should complete to finish this game.

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You don’t have to confuse how to play this game, because you can see the controller explanation below the game. For you who have been impatient playing it, click on the link below.

Play Mini Ninjas


Hitman: Blood Money

This game is success with 2,1 million copy disc selling. This game told about an agent 47 who well-known as legendary Hitman, as cruel and ruthless hitman. Hitman: Blood Money offered complicated story, in each mission, you’ll think hard about it!

As the controller of legendary hitman, you may not talking to much, hidden, and should be succeed with the mission given. You can use satellite map to access target you should kill. Combining various button, you will create cool killing technique. Hitman: Blood Money consisted of 13 mission which can be finished individually. Surely this game won’t be easy to be played, even you have played it with Rookie level.

More than One-Seventh Earth’s Habitants are Facebook Users

More than One-Seventh Earth’s Habitants are Facebook Users

Play Hitman: Blood Money


Coming Soon…

There are also two more games to be released by Square Enix in Core Online which is Tomb Raider: Underworld and Gyromancer. Make sure you’ll be waiting this exciting games which would be released later.

More than One-Seventh Earth’s Habitants are Facebook Users


PS: before you enjoy games served by Core Online, you should install Square Enix Secure Launcher first before you play the game.

More than One-Seventh Earth’s Habitants are Facebook Users


Now you can enjoy HD-quality game by browser and internet capital. But you should remember, to play this game, you need extra fast internet connection so it will make you easier to play game. Is the game you expected in Core Online? Is it Final Fantasy? Or Kingdom Hearts?


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