Postable Address Book : How to Get List of Friends’ Address and Information Easily

I have almost all my friends’ email address and Facebook account, but I don’t have their address list! Yup. After I thought it again, that’s one of the rapid growth of digital world effect. Sending invitation through Facebook, sending news by email, making appointment via Twitter, all things we just have to text message, etc ^^ . However, don’t ever underestimate address and other information. The data is still important, and we’ll never know when we will need it. The good news is, you can get your friends’ addresses list easily, just by using their email address, Twitter and Facebook account. Do you want to know how?

By still using the technology development, today I’ll show an online service you can use to get list of address and other information owed by your friends fast, easy, and free. The online service is Postable.


Why Postable?

I selected this online service since this service has some benefits, such as:

1. We don’t need to insert our friends’ data manually. What we have to do just spread our Postable link, and all our friends’ information (name, address, etc) will be saved automatically.

2. Our friends’ data will automatically sorted in alphabetical order and we can search it easily through “search” feature provided.

3. We can export all data we had to Excel format, CSV (Apple Address Book, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail). We can also print our address book.

4. Free..! What can be better? ^^

Well, just follow this short guidance to get your friends’ addresses list.

1. Visit Postable page and register yourself



2. Copy your Postable’s link, then spread it to your friends, whether through email, twitter, facebook, etc.


Make sure you told them that you want their data (address, etc) to be kept, so you can use it when you need it.


3. Your friend who visit the link will be given a form to fulfill their data such as: name, address, main email, etc. Your friend is free to select which form to be filled and which form not to.


4. After your friend fill the data, the data will automatically be saved in your Postable account.



You can ask all your friends’ address by spread the link as many as you can through Facebook, Twitter, Email, blog etc.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

What you have to do is only spreading your Postable link to your friends, after that, you can go on relax. Tomorrow, when you login, your friends’ data have already been in your Postable account.

Beside finding data with “semi-automatic” way, you can also insert your data manually through add contact menu provided.


What do you think? Is it good or not? If you have other Address Book application which you used often, feel free to share it here:)

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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