Probably, Your Picture is Used by Someone Else… Let’s Trace it!

This writing came from my friend complaint, where her Facebook photo is used by irresponsible party. My friend’s photos are used as profile picture of somebody who sold product through Facebook. Not just that, even my friend’s picture is used as that person’s Avatar in some adult Forum sites! Fortunately, after the person is contacted, the person was willing to exchange the photos.

The incident inspired me to share how to trace the usage of my friend’s photo. By this steps, you can do checking if your Facebook picture is used by irresponsible person.

Probably, your picture is used by someone else… Let’s trace it!

To trace the picture, I used TinEye – a reverse image search engine to find similar or identical photo. By uploading or inserting your picture’s URL in TinEye, you can find identical photo with that photo. Just follow this manual to trace photo using TinEye for more details:

1. Upload or Copy URL from picture you want to be traced. In this example, I will trace one photo from my Facebook account. Right click on the photo and click on Copy Image Url


2. Open TinEye

TinEye page

3. Paste url image in the box provided, then click on Search.



4. If the result is 0 result, it’s a relief for you, since there’s no picture identical with your photo used by someone else.


A little bit weakness, TinEye only updates their data base almost two weeks at once, so the result displayed is not too much up to date. Photo which is copied by someone else today, probably can be detected two weeks later.

For Mozilla Firefox browser user, you can download TinEye addon to make you easier to trace your photo.

Download addon TinEye for Firefox


If TinEye addon has been installed in your Firefox, just right click on the pphoto you want to trace and click on “Search Image on TinEye”. There’s no need to copy link or paste link. It will save your time if you want to trace a lot of photo at once.


You can also use this TinEye for other things. As example, for a webmaster (blog / site owner) you can search picture which is taken from your blog/site. By a little bit creativity, you can even use it for many cases. It’s so xciting!

I wish this information will be useful for you.

Natasha Jones is a 20 years-old girl who really passionate about technology. She spent most of her time by looking for any technology issues around the net. Once she get bored, she would take a walk with her lovely dog, Bimboo.

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  1. diane says:

    My husband is having a relationship on his phone sending sexusl picture and talking back and forth. The put the pictured in ads other picture games and he tells me k. Seeing things. I’m a. Getting a large some of money . I’m getting divorced and he is trying to take my money. Is there anyway if I sent you some of the picture u could either see where they are coming from of make the pictures clear so I cab tame them to court that I have gotten off his phone or help me with someone who can? Thank you.

  2. Barb says:

    I have a person that sent me some photo’s I in no way believe it is him if I sent you pictures could you tell me if its a fake Idenity?

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