RainyMood: When Sound of the Rain Could Change Many Things

As SOT reported before, music really influences someone’s mood. But, do you know that rain sound can also change someone’s mood? Yup. At least, that’s what SOT felt after listening sound of the rain from this RainyMood.

SOT found RainyMood accidentally when searching for four sites to listen music as our mood. When visiting the site and listened the soft rainfall sound… SOT became more relax, calm, atmosphere around became so cold, and worse… sleepy and miss the blanket! :D After comparing with others’ experiences, SOT is not alone. There are millions others felt the same. In fact, this RainyMood is specifically made for people who want to relax and calm themselves.. Enjoying rain in hot summer.

That afternoon, when taking a rest, SOT tried to listen sound of the rain from this RainyMood. It’s true that the atmosphere became more relax and cooler. It’s suitable for cooling your rest atmosphere in a hot day.

For you who want to try it, just visit directly RainyMood here:


RainyMood: When Sound of the Rain Could Change Many Things

You can listen it as bedtime music. Just turn on your computer and set it to turn off automatically after one or two hours next. Enjoy the freshness of rain atmosphere. :D

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