Rapidshare introduced RapidDrive – new Competitor for DropBox and Google Drive!

Rapidshare which is well-known as file hosting site, now jump into Cloud Storage competition to compete Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, and etc.

Technically, RapidDrive is not the cloud service, the real RapidDrive cloud storage service actually is RapidShare, website which makes user possible to share and store file. RapidDrive is a desktop program to connect RapidDrive account with your desktop. Just like Dropbox and Dropbox desktop client connection: RapidShare is the dropbox, while RapidDrive is Dropbox desktop client.

Rapidshare introduced RapidDrive – new Competitor for DropBox and Google Drive!

RapidDrive, is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, integrated into Windows OS made your RapidShare account acted like a general hard drive, where file can be added by drag and drop and file existed can be changed. Synchronization of RapidShare file via RapidDrive is quite simple. User would have just need to login into his/her account to make the “local drive” able to be accessed globally.

Although RapidDrive seemed tried to jump into a dense competition, potential thing that might be a flagship is a fact that user would get unlimited storage and traffic. As you might find out, RapidDrive is only available for RapidPro customers. All RapidPro customers would get unlimited storage and traffic (plus another feature such as direct download, SSL, and others). Whoever used RapidDrive will have benefit provided by their RapidPro account – unlimited storage and traffic. By monthly 4.11 – 9.90 euros price (depend on RapidPro plan you bought), it is a benefit which wouldn’t be able to compete by other online storage service.

Recently, RapidDrive is still in beta phase, it is expected to be released around September after application and service has been stable. Recently, RapidDrive is available for free for RapidPro customers, but it’s still not clear whether RapidDrvie will be given for free after its official release. If you want to try RapidDrive in your Windows OS now, click on this link below:


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