Rovio has just launched the latest version of Angry Bird Friends for Facebook Users

In previous Wednesday, Rovio had just launched their latest game, which is Angry Birds Friends.

Angry Birds Friends is aimed to Facebook account users. Angry Birds Friends has quite attractive gameplay, we are challenged to compete our friends in tournament. Each week, we will be pursued to get more score than our friends, and as winner, we’ll get power up and golden crown.

Angry Bird Friends for Facebook Users

Angry Bird Friends for Facebook Users

Besides, Rovio also regularly renew Angry Birds Friends level each week. Don’t you feel more challenged to start this Angry Birds Friends game?

Angry Bird Friends for Facebook Users

Angry Bird Friends for Facebook Users

Are you ready to compete with your friends in reaching the best score? Play Angry Birds Friends by visiting the link below:

You can also watch Angry Birds Friends video trailer below:

In this Angry Birds Friends game, you can also make avatar as you wish to, but there’s paid item, and also there’s free item.

Angry Bird Friends for Facebook Users

The releases of Angry Birds Friends game in Facebook helped Rovio reached 1 billion downloader in Angry Birds Friends game. Especially after Angry Birds Space launched in the beginning of this year.

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