Search Plus: Extension to find Tab Browser you wanted Fast!

Are you a person who work much using internet? Probably you write a scientific work using so many source, while open various online article as your writing material so that your tab browser seemed in a long row?… I bet you once had situation where you forgot certain sentence you want to quote, then you confuse to find which tab the sentence was located. Checking those tabs one by one would be so tiring, wouldn’t it?

If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, you’d feel so helpful by the new Extension from Chrome, which is: Search Plus

Search Plus is a browser extension for Google Chrome which made you possible to find tab you search from all opened tabs, no matter which window the tab is located, and you can also arrange the tab you find quickly. This extension will also make you possible to do various action such as finding specific text from all tabs opened, gathered tabs you’ve opened into one window only, insert text to tab title, taking image from various tab opened, and others.

To do all operation I’ve just mentioned, you have to install Search Plus first. You can install Search Plus extension in your Google Chrome by visiting this link:

Then click on Added to Chrome.

After you do the steps above, there would be Search Plus icon appeared as shown by this picture:

Search Plus: Extension to find Tab Browser you wanted Fast!

How to use Search Plus?

It’s easy! You just have to click on search plus icon located in the upper right side of your Google Chrome, then put your keyword to pop-up window displayed.

Search Plus: Extension to find Tab Browser you wanted Fast!

In the picture above, I tried to search where there’s text saying: Kiki on three Google Chrome tabs I opened. And then… Search Plus appointed to Tab: Pusat Gratis – Software Gratis – Aplikasi Gratis – PDF Gratis – Freeware – Download Gratis. Yes surely there’s my name on the site since I’m the one who wrote some articles there. OK, you’re right, I’m just being narcissistic. However, the ‘benefit’ of this Search Plus is undoubtable. You can easily find text in certain tab, as long as you remember the keyword. If you already had a group of tabs, then you can sort it according to Default order, Title, URL, and Opened Time. You can also access all your previous search by click on Recent Search option.

To be clearer, you can watch this demo video for Search Plus:

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