Sharing File Fast and Easy by Using JumpShare

Do you love to share file with friends online? By using Jumpshare you can share file you have easily. Jumpshare is a service which specifically provided to share file, yeah… it can be said it’s similar with online service such as and PasteLink.

You won’t get cloud storage if using Jumpshare, so, you wouldn’t be able to open file shared before, but if you store link or bookmark the file, then the file you’ve shared still could be found. But, you have to remember, all file you shared will be deleted automatically after 14 days.

Maximum file you can share using Jumpshare is only 100 MB, but SOT felt It’s already enough if you just share important data such as document, photo, or music.

It’s so easy to use Jumpshare. First of all, you’ll just have to open this link:

To upload file, it’s quite easy. You just have to drag and drop file into box prepared, or by clicking on “Select file to share” and select which file you will share.
Sharing File Fast and Easy by Using JumpShare

Then you can move into the next page. In the page, you can choose or share file via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Email by clicking on icon on the upper right beside search box.

Sharing File Fast and Easy by Using JumpShare

Sharing File Fast and Easy by Using JumpShare

As example, SOT will share word file in Google+, so click on “g+” icon, there would be new window just like on the image below:

Sharing File Fast and Easy by Using JumpShare

Click on “share” button, then the file will be directly sent into Google+ account. Not less than 150 file format supported today, including image, audio, video, office document, PDF, or code file. But some file probably need plugin such as Flash to work.

Now if you want to share information or file with your friends, just use Jumpshare. Jumpshare will send those files into some account you have with fast time and easy way.

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