SkyDrive User? Watch Out!

Although SOT’s Skydrive’s account is still safe and fine, but it’s terrifying to hear rumor that there’s another Skydrive user whose account closed by Microsoft.

SkyDrive User? Watch Out!

Yesterday, a SkyDrive user from China reported that his account is closed forcefully by Microsoft. He admit that in his account, there are only a few school note and some manga wallpaper he loved.

When he login to Skydrive account, Microsoft actually gave 48 hours to do appeal if he didn’t agree about his account deletion. But although the person already did it, still his account was erased, and important data (including school material) lost!

This is not the first time SkyDrive closed their user’s account forcefully without any clear mistake. Previously, a person from Netherland also had his account closed forcefully, so he had to lose his data.

Microsoft actually provided download link for user whose account would be blocked. Since user’s file owed by user, and he/she has right to get what has already his/her once again.

Microsoft once explained that file scanning process is done automatically using tools to make sure there is no file which violating EULA. But you know that Microsoft-automatic-tools? Yesterday, there’s one of “Automatical-police” of Microsoft capture Wikipedia, TechCrunch and various good sites since they were accused spreading piracy. Ouch!

So, SOT suggestion here, don’t use Skydrive as your main cloud backup. There are some other cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive or Sugarsync which are not as ‘cruel’ and ‘ruthless’ like Skydrive.

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