Top 5 Online Football Manager Game That Could Be Played for Free!

Football is the most popular sport in the world with more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide and growing. For you who like playing football manager game, there are top 5 online football manager game that could be played for free. This online football manager game doesn’t need installed on your computer. Once you have browser and internet connection, you’re ready to play and defeat thousands of real people over the world. These are Top 5 Online Football Manager Game that could you played for free :

1. Hattrick (

Hattrick (

This is my first favorite free football manager game. Hattrick has been online since 1997 and it is very simple to play. You won’t need to be contantly online to succeed. After you register and login, you could choose your team and start train and manage your team. Then you can start to play the match against thousands of other hattrick members. Today hattrick has 747,452 active members with more than 1 million matches each week and growing.

you can register Hattrick football manager for free by visiting this hattrick registration page below:


2. ManagerZone Football (

ManagerZone Football (

This is the second online football manager game with over 680,184 active users and growing. It has active online community to make friends and challenge rivals. Managerzone Football has both of 2D or 3D match views. After you register ManagerZone Football, you can start to control your club’s immediately.

To register at ManagerZone Football, simply visit its registration page here:

3. Soccer Manager (

Soccer Manager (

Soccer Manager is my third best online football manager game. Now it has more than 388,194 active users and growing. Soccer Manager has complete real-world clubs and players database. It has more than 40,000 real player and over 1,100 professional clubs database with accurate statistics. Soccer Manager is realistic football manager game and you can register for free by visit Soccer Manager registration page below:

4. Trophy Manager (

Trophy Manager (

Trophy manager is the fourth top online football manager with more than 132,554 active members and growing. Like other football manager game, it has detail players and clubs statistic. There are 3 weekly league matches in TM and they are played on wednesdays, fridays and sundays. And if your team is in the national cup, you play cup matches on monday too. The match is played automatically and your jobs is to choose the line-up. formation and tactics of your team before the game start.

You can register to Trophy Manager by visit this Trophy Manager registration page below:

5. Footie Manager (

Footie Manager (

This is the last top 5 free online football manager game on the net. This game is less popular if compared with other football manager above, but it also has great features as a football manager game. Footie Manager allow you to really experience what the players might be like to manage a real football team.

You can register to Footie Manager by visit Footie manager registration page below:

You can select any online football manager game you want, but my favorite still hattrick which has complete football managing features and a lot of active members so I have a lot of real manager around the world that ready to challange.


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  1. Chairman says:

    I’ve just created the first ever full yinteractive football team. You pick the players and decide on tactics! Check it out – realityfc dot com

  2. in terms of stadium management. which one better?

    i think the best stadium management of football manager would be, top eleven game on fb,
    again, compare those on your list with top eleven, which one better and less better at least

  3. Peter Van Zuijlen says:

    the best match engine is developed bij It’s an old-skool text-based game, but with the most realistich ME. not that many users, but i suppose because it’s quite hard to learn and understand the ME.

  4. Suja9 says:

    the best football manager U ever seen

  5. Macakx says:

    dugout-online is the best

  6. Jayman12126 says:

    striker manager..the best around…join

  7. RAmce says:

    Best online football Manager

  8. Ricky. says:

    Estoy de acuerdo con los elegidos, pero me parece que Managerzone esta mejor en este momento que Hattrick, ya que tiene la ventaja que se ve 3D lo cual tiene una ventaja entre los demás, es mas fácil todavía de entender, uno selecciona que entrenar y y podes armar el jugador para que juegue en el puesto que quieras… Sin pagar podes elegir de que color es la camiseta y su diseño… cosa que el hattrick es solo verde y blanca, si no pagas no tenes una camiseta del color que vos quieras que te represente….
    podes tener la cantidad de juveniles que quieras, y ahora le podes elegir de que puesto juegue,… Yo empece con Hattrick pero en estos últimos 5 años lo paso lejos… como que le falta modernizarse un poco al hattrick que un poco en el tiempo… 

  9. Cjrrbt says:

    Trophymanager is best. Not many play it cause is hard to understand and most people are child and hate to not understand. But it really kick as of the others. About managerzone…. It simce nice. Too bad it has some thing that require real money. And those things are important for match play in my opinion even if some people will not agree with me.

  10. NoName says:

    Best game is TrophyManager!


  11. Kily says:

    sin duda el mejor juego 3D de futbol

  12. leonard says:

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    r u single

  14. Roblox TechnoGuy says:

    That trophy manager photo is the OLD version. Trophy Manager is the best!

  15. Mark Simpson says:

    Has anyone ever played FWFonline at It’s a bit different to your standard management sims, it’s not really trying to be Football Manager. It uses a mixture of virtual and real trading cards which you can win if you get lucky (some of the Autograph cards trade for thousands on eBay)

  16. Adam says:

    I think GoalUnited is much better than hattrick:

  17. FA says:

    Have u ever try Football arena? I tried many of them, but this one is absolutely the best. Highly recomend –

  18. EFOL says:

    Best game is!

  19. EFOL says:

    Best game is!Real teams,real players.
    Absolutely free of charge.

  20. gabbyy says:

    Best game its manager league, really true fotball:

  21. Invejosos says:

    Best tactical game is Xpert Eleven!


  22. Mike says:

    I’m in the process of making a free online football club manager game ( ). It’s up and running and has the first few players so far. If anyone would like to give it a go and send me feedback on what to add to it that would be great!

  23. gamers says:

    Online Soccer Manager?

  24. Jaro Almeida says: it’s a really great game

  25. NokiaManII says:

    Take a few minutes a day to earn cash
    just by viewing ads

  26. zzz00 says:

    As for me, the best online football manager are: OFM Online Soccer Manager (Football Manager). I invite you:)

    There are eight different countries / servers

    Take control of your favourite club and take on other players from all over the world. Build your stadium. Train future stars. Upgrade facilities. Dabble with match tactics. etc. – Good free game

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