TweetsBetween: Finding out the latest Conversation between Twitter Users

Words war using Twitter Social Network Media is a new phenomena in society, whether from ordinary people to celebrity. You’d probably remember how ‘kamseupay’ become trending topics in Indonesia? Or how an Indonesia’s celebrity forgot the different between asset and access?…

If you’re afraid to miss the latest gossip between two Twitter user, or you’d probably curiously want to monitor Tweet from a girl you crushed on to, with your competitor, now you can use TweetsBetween!

TweetsBetween is a web application for Twitter which made you possible to view the latest conversation between two Twitter users. Although it is truly amazing web application, still you cannot track the users’ conversation who have private accounts. One other weakness, older conversation couldn’t monitor anymore by TweetsBetween.

You just have to visit this link to use it:

Then you can fill in Twitter ID of two persons you want to be monitor the conversation, then click on “GO!” button.

Finding out the latest Conversation between Twitter Users

If the conversation has been displayed, you can sort it from Newest to Oldest or from Oldest to Newest. You can also copy link which you can store to be used again when you want to view the conversation which previously you monitored.

Finding out the latest Conversation between Twitter Users

TweetsBetween is an easy application to be used, and you can use it to track the latest gossip, share conversation between two Twitter account with other people, and so on. If you’re an active Twitter user, you’ll be helpful by this web application.

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