Uploading Video to YouTube and Facebook well UsingFrameCaster

SOT is sure, many of you love to record your precious moments whether with family or beloved one. Creating video is also easier now since many smartphones provided facilities to record, started from the simple one to the most qualified.

Meanwhile, those precious moments also often shared in social network, whether YouTube which actually special site for video or Facebook. Both website have facility to broadcast yoru video to your social environment and also to people all over the world.

Related with those two websites, there’s an application makes you easier to do upload to both sites easily, which is FrameCaster. This application provides alternative which makes you easier to take and upload video to both video sharing websites directly from your desktop, by the support of Cloud facility owed by FrameCaster. With simple interface and user friendly, you’ll be helpful in your purpose sharing special moments.

You can download FrameCaster in:


The installation process is a bit complicated, because you have to provide Microsoft NetFrame 3.5 for this application. But don’t worry, the application also included in master file of FrameCaster.

This application’s interface has five button on the upper line, they are My Computer, YouTube, Facebook, Import and Webcam.

Uploading Video to YouTube and Facebook well UsingFrameCaster


Before uploading video to supported site, you need to import it to FrameCaster first. Click on Import and select the video you wanted, followed by inserting title, tags, and date, then click on save. Importing video could need some minutes depend on the video size.

Uploading Video to YouTube and Facebook well UsingFrameCaster


After you successfully imported video to FrameCaster Cloud storage, you just have to do upload to website you wanted (YouTube or Facebook), but before, you need to do sign in to your favorite service website. Select the web you like, insert username and password to get permission, then in My Computer page, right click on video you want to upload and click on Send to YouTube or Send To Facebook.

Uploading Video to YouTube and Facebook well UsingFrameCaster


In experiment SOT did, SOT found a fact where this Cloud website storage is quite heavy, not as light as YouTube upload directly. Then login to YouTube also felt heavy. Facebook is far easier.

This application can be alternative for you to upload videos you wanted to share on your friends and colleagues.

Previously, SOT also once discussed about TimelineMovieMaker which you can use to create video automatically from your Facebook account timeline. It’s worth to try too :D

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