Want to Sell Digital Product Online? Use Sellfy!

Do you have photography hobby? Composing song? Or writing ebook? Do you know that you can sell your hobby result in the internet? I have a friend who sold an ebook he wrote. His selling is quite demanded by people. This time I will introduce a web application which made you possible to sell and market digital product online, which is Sellfy.

Want to Sell Digital Product Online? Use Sellfy!

This web application’s specialty are: First, it’s functioned as cloud storage where you can put digital product you wanted to sell, then this web has option to manage trade requirements, including option to use paypal as payment tool, then this web also makes you possible to do promotion in social media, giving special discount, also do affiliation with other friends.

You can register (sign up) easily in this web application by using your email address.

Want to Sell Digital Product Online? Use Sellfy!

First time opened sellfy.com, you’ll be welcome by dashboard which made you possible to upload your digital product into its cloud storage.

Want to Sell Digital Product Online? Use Sellfy!

After uploading your digital product, there will be an option to manage paypal payment. You’ll just have to include your paypal account email here. So, when there is a consumer interesting, this web application will ‘collect’ payment to consumer, then allow the person to download digital product you’re selling.

Want to Sell Digital Product Online? Use Sellfy!

You can also give discount for consumer who did purchase via your social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Why do they deserve a discount? Because in social media, your friends commonly able to reference to other friends, so it will make you easier to do promotion.

Want to Sell Digital Product Online? Use Sellfy!

After your ‘trading’ page available, you’ll get a link which can be promoted, whether via forum or other social media. When clicking the link, your customer will find download page from this web application. Sellfy will collect payment for everyone who tried to download your digital product until the person pay via paypal as the price you set before.

This web application is quite interesting if you tried to learn cheap and easy business via internet. Surely you’ll need persistence and good promotion. What you can sell via this site?

1. Photography artwork – the buyer commonly is advertising bureau or photography magazines.

2. ebook – You can write your own ebook about things you love. Writing tutorial of a hobby and sell it online is a good strategy to begin ebook trading business.

3. Musical artwork – now, creating a song can be done easily by Fruityloop or similar type program. Advertising bureau really love short and original music artwork for their advertisement project.

Those are some digital work to be sold. If you doubt me, you may contact me and I can introduce you to friends who successfully sold such digital work as I mentioned above. So, this web application is worth to try!


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