7 Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

Self-management in doing various tasks as your professionalism is so important! To help you offset your job demands which flow unlimitedly, it would be better for you to use reminder apps or personal assistant. By using this kind of application, you’ll be able to check various schedule demands, then try to suits yourself with the schedule as hard as you can.

Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

However, sometimes we don’t want to bother ourself installing such application into our computer or mobile device. But still, we can use web technology which surely would be able to update your schedule without any disturbance.

Here SOT listed 7 online services which made you possible to create to do list or daily schedule. By this online service, I hope you’ll be able to manage your time better so you can improve various fields in your life!

Then let’s discuss those seven online service!


1. Todoist

Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

Todoist is an online to do list equipped with calendar to make you easier watching your work schedule. Its simple interface surely would be consideration for you who love simplicity.

Todoist has interface which is dominated by white color. This application has mainstay features where tasks can be put via browser extension for chrome or Firefox, or using mobile device apps. Adding task is so easy and you could label those tasks with “@” sign to divide it into smaller categories. Different colors make you possible to find out which tasks are more urgent.

Visit Todoist in:


This Todoist labeling system would be very helpful if you have pile up tasks so you confuse to find detail note about the task!


2. WorkFlowy

Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

Workflowy is an online to do list service which made you possible to do detail recording. Its interface consisted of single screen and similar as empty paper, where the content can be managed in a more detail note with easy navigation. Since it begins from empty list, so you’re free to write and form the note as you wanted to!

Visit Workflowy in:


This Workflowy specialty here is simple recording you can pile up continuously and applying Getting Things Done concept in personal management, you can also easily search your note by using hashtag # and @. Workflowy is worth to try!!


3. HiTask

Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

Hi Task is an online service to create to do list in detail with facilities made you possible to share schedule with other people. Hi Task is supported by various features which made you easier to record schedule, give tag, finding easily, record systematically, then also shares each other schedule.

Visit Hi Task in:


This Hi Task specialty is giving detail schedule in calendar and all details of activity hour which you’ll be done everyday. Other attractive feature from HiTask is, you can consider how long you will work on something because HiTask is equipped with clock which will measure how long will the task be finished. It will be able to improve your productivity!


4. Do It Tomorrow

Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

Do It Tomorrow is managed according to premise that oftenly task we scheduled for today is not finished yet, so we should work it out again tomorrow. Do It Tomorrow easily will move our task note into the next day and will remind us continuously until the task has done.

Do It Tomorrow recording form is so artistic, it will make you love to spend your time in this website. Its interface is similar like classic notebook with font which is similar like handwriting, make us feel like recording with our own hands on a piece of paper.

Visit Do It Tomorrow in:


Do It Tomorrow is a unique to do list which will remind you continuously day by day!


5. PlanCake

Web Apps to Create To Do List Online

PlanCake, seems like a joke about Pancake – so it will associate the plan creation which turned into delicious thing, and it’s true that by using this web apps, we can manage our plan easy, detail, and cool more thing is, we will directly apply the trend management approach recently, which is Getting Things Done atau populer dengan sebutan GTD.

Kamu juga akan mendapatkan bonus berupa sebuah ebook tentang cara memanfaatkan PlanCake bila kamu berkenan. Download it from PlanCake web application in:


PlanCake is an online to do list service which made you possible to use Getting Things Done system popularized by David Allen. By this feature, you will be easier to manage your various schedules while monitoring all activities you can do. By record it in detail also monitoring steps you did, you’d be able to repair your productivity in professional field you’ve mentioned. If you actually need good online to Do list service, you can choose PlanCake.


6. Taskk

Taskk Web is aimed to organize, schedule, and management tasks and projects you’re working on, also do it collaboratively. This collaborative feature is one of Taskk’s specialties. You can share tasks easily with your group.

Taskk usage is quite similar with general to do list, but there are some unique feature. In one list, the working unit is called “Taskk” (parody from Task). If the work unit has done, you’d just have to tick on the work unit to state that your project has finished. If you cooperated with someone else, then your friend can move directly to the next project.

Visit Taskk in:


Taskk is an online to do list with one unique feature, which is an ease to use Taskk to cooperate with other people and help each other to work on certain project.


7. ThunderTask

Thundertask is a special to do list web apps which has standard to do list feature also prioritization setting according to color categorization to show urgency of a task. What makes easier from Thundertask is, since this web apps also integrated with your smartphone.

Thundertask is available whether in web apps (online) or iPhone application. It’s too bad, Android version, Symbian, and Java isn’t available yet. This web application has all features you expected from a basic task management application, including list, collaboration, ability to sort tasks according to deadline and priority, also able to set repeated tasks.

Visit Thundertask in:


One of the Thundertask weakness is, it doesn’t have alarm feature to remind that your task already touch the deadline. However, its simple features will surely be helpful for your tasks!


Okay, those are seven online services or web apps which are able to help you in managing your work schedule, the way is, by creating detail to do list about anything you need to do. SOT is sure, by such way, then you’ll be more manageable in working all your daily tasks.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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