Who wants to Get Free College in Udacity?

Internet has created a huge change. If in the past, learning only can be done from book or directly to university, now you can do it via internet! Yup. Right! Internet has created a world which rich of information and knowledge. One more thing… All things can be done for free. Exciting, isn’t it? :D

If you’re a computer science fan, you can learn it deeper in Udacity. Udacity is an education organization (online university) which provided various learning material related with computer science. This material has the same rate with lecture material, and all can be accessed for free.

Surely English skill needed here, because all materials taught are using English.

Who wants to Get Free College in Udacity?

Some free lecture materials taught in Udacity are:


  • Intro to Computer Science: Build a Search Engine
  • Intro to Physucs: Landmarks in Physics
  • Intro to Statistics: Making Decicions Based on Data


  • Algorithms: Crunching Social Networks
  • Logic & Discrete Mathematics: Foundations of Computing
  • Web Application Engineering: How to Build a Blog
  • Software Testing: How to Make Software Fail
  • Programming Languages: Building a Web Browser


  • Design of Computer Programs: Programming Principles
  • Artificial Intelligence: Programming A Robotic Car
  • Applied Cryptography: Science of Secrets

You can choose which college you want to take. Learning system in Udacity is Enrollment, which means, you can join anytime without any deadline quiz and assignment.

After you finished all those college, there will be certification too. Unfortunately, for this certification, it’s not free. But anyway, you can still enjoy their lecture materials they provided for free. Interesting, isn’t it?

Who wants to Get Free College in Udacity?

Feel free to visit Udacity site to start learning for free:


In addition of Udacity, there are various campus provided free lecture material online too. For example: Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, etc.


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