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One of the success key is setting a goal and target daily and use it as action guide you do everyday. By consistent set a goal and finish it, you’ll get achievement and advancement in performance – whatever your profession today!

This time I will discuss about a simple Web Application which would not only support your tasks management, but also remind you about the goal you have set then do routine note about your effort in fulfilling the goal. Not only it’s able to manage your personal task, this web application also makes you possible to manage a group to work on certain project in company scale. People involved can interact each other and give feedback each other to support the projects completion.

Basically, this web application is free if you use it for personal needs. You just have to visit the site here:


However, if you use it to fulfill group or company task, you should pay $5 per month. Actually the amount is quite small reminding this web application benefit. By WorkSimple, you can monitor each group member and find out each person in group’s task achievement, also supporting each other.

You need to register first by using your email address in this web application. WorkSimple will send you validation link to your email address after you register, after that, you can login and use WorkSimple facilities.


To arrange your management, first of all, you need to decide your focus first This focus is a project you want to work on, whether alone or within your team.


After you decided the focus, then you can split the focus into some goals. By deciding this goals, you can measure how fast your development to focus you have decided whether individual or group. By routinely manage your focus and goal, you will be able to monitor your development and also assess the achievement of your target as time length you decided by your own.


WorkSimple is also given facility to attach file, so people who cooperated with you can give their comment. This application also makes you possible to write the project progress report of a project you’re working on. You can share your project advancement via email or LinkedIn and Twitter. This application will also makes you possible to give notification for people who interacted with you.

This application will surely help you to assure the success of goal and priority of business team, also your own progress in focus you’ve decided.

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