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Have you just bought Android, iPad, iPhone, or Windows Phone 7 devices, or prepare to buy Surface, new Tablet produced by Microsoft? Are you looking for a good application for your mobile device? Try Xyologic, web application to find mobile application and search engine. By its latest technology, this web application help user to find the best application for their device, includes five platforms, they are Android, iPhone, iPad, WP7 and GoogleTV, also took data from 29 countries all over the world. It wouldn’t only help you to find the application you searched, even each search result includes user’s review about the application which will make you choose easier.

There probably hundreds of useful application you haven’t heard before, and you can loose a chance to use it (that’s why, in addition of using this web application, you should also subscribe PusatGratis to avoid yourself missing freebie applications information)…

You can visit this link Xyologi: http://www.xyologic.com/


When you went in, you’ll be welcome by a simple interface which makes you possible to select the country where the application was released and keyword in search engine.


Search result not only listed application as the keyword you wrote, but also showed statistic as country rank, download amount per platform / per country, growth rate, paid vs free application amount launched, application income, and various detail related with application producer. In the result page, you can also see a pop-up on the upper right, shows the latest news about this web application and also the latest application statistic.


Each result also includes user’s opinion and also review about the application. This feature can help you to assess how good is the application without wasting your time to download and test the application first. You can also directly go into download page for the application from search result. This web application can also show the similar application, so you can compare it. Xyologic uses different criteria to give rank. Not like rank in app store, this application uses download amount to arrange application rank.

App Store search technology will collect and analyze most of application data from 29 countries. This application report will share interesting facts related with application and economic news related with application. For example, news about Android application which its profit almost near Apple since Android Market showed amazing improvement only in short time.

Xyologic is an amazing application and also a benefit tool to search application from various mobile platform as you need. Not only help users, it will also help developers in developing application types which would be loved.

For us? No need to be asked… It surely would be useful since we continuously need the latest application for mobile device we have. Whether game, personalization, or application to support our mobility in working!

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