Your Camera’s gone?? Find it with StolenCameraFinder!!

For you who love photographic world or have photography hobby, camera is the most precious thing for you. But how if the camera’s gone?? Where do you have to look for it?? Don’t be confused, try this free web application: StolenCameraFinder!

Your Camera’s gone?? Find it with StolenCameraFinder!!

As its name, this StolenCameraFinder will help you to find your lost camera caused by stealing, etc. How this StolenCameraFinder works is very unique, StolenCameraFinder will find estimation of your camera location and who brought it by finding photo spread in website taken by using your camera.

As we’ve already known, almost all digital camera have ability to store some hidden information inside the photo produced. This information consisted of picture taking date, camera model, and serial number of the camera. Information called “exit” data here become parameter to find location or your lost camera holder according to the camera serial number on data exit.

StolenCameraFinder will crawl all photo spread in internet and store all hidden data, included serial number from camera used to take the picture. When you put one photo taken from your lost camera using drag & drop feature provided by StolenCameraFinder, StolenCameraFinder will find other photo with fit serial number with your lost camera’s serial number.

After that you’ll find photo collection taken by the lost camera. Who knows from one of the picture you’ll recognize the person. Even if you lucky, you can find directly the photo taken by your lost camera on the subject Facebook. StolenCameraFinder supported almost all kind of camera included Canon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Hewlett-Packard, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, Samsung and sigma. Camera list supported by StolenCameraFinder can be seen here:

To use StolenCameraFinder, you just have to visit this site:


Drag & Drop one photo you’ve taken using your lost camera and StolenCameraFinder will automatically do searching on photo taken using the same camera.

StolenCameraFinder will help you to do tracking on your lost camera for free! I hope this information would be worth for you :)

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