Z-Type: Exciting and Fun Game to learn Fast-Typing

Until now I still so amazed when meet someone who can type so fast using his/her ten fingers, even without looking at the keyboard. I want to type fast like that! I have found some fast-type learning software which can be downloaded for free. From some of those software, there is one fast-typing game which become my favorite. By this game, we can sharpen our speed, typing in fun way. If something is fun, we won’t be bored and keep trying… trying… and trying. This tips is successful for me and now I can type faster than before.

Play Z-Type game

The fast-typing game I meant is Z-Type! This game is a free game to train a boring fast-typing practice into something exciting and fun. In this game, you control a spacecraft and you should shot the incoming enemies. Those enemies have name written with certin word or alphabet. You should type those alphabets or word to destroy your enemies’ crafts. After shot one enemy, you should shot it until totally wrecked before turning into another enemy.

Play Z-Type game

Play Z-Type game

Here, you’ll be chased by time. You should destroy all your enemies before they came to your “headquarters”. Typing speed play important role in your spacecraft speed in destroying your enemies.

Just watched the action of a person who played this Z-Type game often in this video:

Unconsciously, he can type faster and more accurate after playing it many times.

Are you ready to type fast and destroy your enemies?

Play Z-Type game here directly:


Z-Type is the best browser based game if you played it from Google Chrome. However, I have tried it in Mozilla Firefox and it still can be played well. I have played Z-Type and recently I became so addicted to this game, now is your turn to try it ^^

Enjoy playing and learning to type fast!:)

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