Zero PC: Change Your Browser into PC Online for Free

Today I’ve found new service which is so interesting to be tried. This service is able to change our browser into PC Cloud we can access from anywhere. PC Cloud seemed like appeared as technology development from cloud storage which I’ve posted several times (Sugarsync, Wuala, etc). By this Zero PC, now you will have cloud computer you can access from anywhere through internet.

When you login to your ZeroPC account, you’ll be shown cloud computer display which seemed like common computer in a glance.


Various applications have also been installed inside the PC Cloud, such as browser, office, instant messenger, media player, file uploader etc.

What I love from this ZeroPC is account manager feature which is able to manage various accounts into one. You can combine all social networks (Facebook, Twitter), emails (Gmail, Yahoo, etc), online storages (, Dropbox, Evernote, Sugarsync), image sharing (Flickr, Instagram, Picasa) into one.


Various instant messaging (ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, MSN, Google Talk and Facebook Chat) can be joined into one in ZeroPC Messenger application.

ZeroPC is really suitable to store and backup your various important document files. So, if your computer hard disk is broken, you still have its backup data.

Total storage space from ZeroPC is a combination from online storage you have. ZeroPC gives 1 GB storage for free. You can add it again with 5.5 GB from sugarsync (free), 2 GB from Dropbox (free), also 5 GB from Box (free).

To get PC Cloud fro free from ZeroPC, just follow this short manual below:

1. Visit ZeroPC register page here.
2. Please fill in data needed and register yourself. After that, click on confirmation link sent to your email.


3. Login to your ZeroPC account and your PC cloud will be ready to be used.

Now you’ve already had online computer you can access from anywhere you are. Recently, ZeroPC can be accessed from Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE browser. Application for tablet and mobile would also be released soon. (versi iOS dan Android)

Unfortunately, this PC Cloud usage needs quite fast connection to run smoothly.


Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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