4 Free Online Game (+Bonus) Which is Worth to Try

For some people, playing game is a hobby which gives certain pleasure. Today, PusatGratis gave 5 exclaimed online game you can play for free.

1. World of Tanks


World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game which took theme about world war II, in war vehicle era. You can battle against other players using your mainstay tank and war vehicle. In this game, there are more than 140 battle vehicle from various countries, such as Uni Soviet, German, France, and America. Even there would be war vehicle from Japan and England. This game will challenge you, it’s so exciting so that it won Guinness World Record in “Game with most players online at the same time”category.
You can join with more than 18 millions World of Tanks players here.

World of Tanks

2. Total Influence Online


Total Influence is a strategy game which made you possible to order one professional battle team to survive in the middle of a world which is getting more mysterious and dangerous. To survive, you should manage the exact defense and attack strategy. A team you lead is a team without fear, team which is equipped with deadly weapons, but the attack strategy would be in your hand!
Interesting? Feel free to play this Total Influence Online game for free.

Total Influence Online

3. Jagged Alliance


Jagged Alliance brought classic strategic game with modern graphic touch and advanced online game technology. Each player would be given more than 100 challenging and exciting mission. In this game, there are more than 60 kinds of mercenary army with unique and difference individual ability, more than 100 war mission, hundreds of weapons with various equipments, also thousands other players who are ready to be your enemy and opponent!
This Jagged Alliance Game can be played online here.

Jagged Alliance

4. Pandora Saga


Pandora Saga is RPG multiplayer game which can be played player vs player or group vs group. Not far difference as other games, theme taken is war theme. But the battle in Pandora Saga is not army battle, but fantasy genre battle. Pandora Saga is an easy game to be played, but it’s truly hard to be a master here.
If you have interest to play this game, feel free to visit its main page here:

Pandora Saga

5. BONUS : Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe (Full Version)


This Game is the first released battle game in 2000. Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe is a free game released as promotion media of Hidden and Dangerous 2 Game. Players will play a team consisted of 8 British Special Air Service (SAS) members to solve some mission in World War II.
For you who want to play this game, you can download its installer here:

Download Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe

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