5 Reasons Why You Should Update to Opera 11.50

2 days ago, opera browser updated to it’s new version, Opera 11.50. There are several critical fixes and improvements on Opera 11.50 that make this version far better than before. If you don’t update your opera browser yet, I suggest you to update it now. These are 5 Reasons why you should update your opera 11.50:

5 Reasons Why You Should Update to Opera 11.50

Security Reasons

Opera 11.50 has tightened security policies in several locations. There are also 3 critical security issues that fixed on this version. Pop-up blocker features also improved to protect you from unwanted annoying popup.

Stability Reasons

Opera 11.50 has less system crash potential than before. On its previous version, there are several things that potentialy could make your opera browser crash, such as crash clicking on terms of service, crash when printing, crash when saving images, crash when adding speed dial, error pages crash, form layout crash, web worker crash, crash related password manager, DOM crash, etc. Now all these crash problems ( there are almost 38 crash problems ) has been fixed.

Performance Reasons

Opera 11.50 uses new code name called “Swordfish” and use new Opera Presto 2.9 rendering engine that claimed has a better performance than before. Opera 11.50 has optimizastion to CSS tokenizing features that makes this version 10% – 15% faster on CSS parsing performance.

Features and Usability Reasons

There are a lot of new and improved features added in Opera 11.50. Gmail IMAP support added to Opera Mail features, Password Synchronization added in Opera Link features, share cookies support added to Opera Extensions features.

User Interface Reasons

Opera 11.50 has new and improved user interface. Brand new toolbar icon set, brighter and software colors for backgrounds and borders, improvements on padding and aligments, new status bar design and content, button borders in address bar has been removed, home and fast forward buttons are now optional, no more blue blob with new “tab fold” attention state. These are several changes on Opera 11.50 skin that make it more user friendly and has a new look.

Watch this New opera browser in action video:

For you who want to download Opera 11.50, you can simply download it at Opera download page.

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  1. Porosga says:

    Where is the home button?

  2. Davidface says:

    That’s funny because Opera never crashed on me until the 11.50 version. Now it crashes constantly! It also gives me an error message every time I close it! It’s too bad there’s not a better browser out there.

    • Anonymous says:

      wow, that’s bad. Actually I never using opera as my browser. I enjoy using Mozilla Firefox since I know internet few years ago. I don’t have any bad experience yet, yep it’s crash sometimes but not a big problem :)

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