Angry Birds Space Now Has Been Available Free for Android

This is the best Angry Birds game I played! Yup. Angry Bird Space now can be downloaded in Google Play for free. This game actually has appeared since previous March 22nd 2012 and I’m a bit late to tell you. But it surely won’t reduce my enthusiasm to give you the news. From some previous Angry Birds series, which are Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Season… I have to admit that this game is the most exciting!


Angry Birds Space is available with various new features which I must say… Worth to try:

60 esciting levels
Regular Update for free
Some new bird characters
New Superpower
Space Adventure with zero-gravity
Shot Trick by Using Planet’s gravity
Hidden Bonus level
Attractive background Details
Here is Rovio promotion video to introduce Angry Birds Space game:

This Angry Birds Space took theme in outer space planet with no gravitation, produce a spectacular gameplay. Sometimes, there is a moment when slow motion happened… Sometimes, you will meet high-speed moment.

Angry Birds Space Game Download for Android

Thing you have to prepare is your Android battery. Make sure you have charged your Android battery before you play this game. Playing Angry Birds Space can spend your battery very fast, moreover, this game also displays some advertisement inside it.

It’s clear for Android owner and Angry Birds game lover… Don’t miss this Angry Birds Space game. I guarantee it will be so exciting!

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