Genie Timeline: Saves Your Time and Money by Protect Your Data (Exclusive 50% Discounts!!)

Backing up your data is one of the most important things you should to do regularly. It will help you to avoid data loss. You can back up your computer using the internal backup tools or using backup software. Genie Timeline Home is one of the most powerful backup software. It saves your valuable time and your money by protect your data safely and automatically!

Genie Timeline Home Overview:

Genie Timeline Home 2.1 Discount

Developer: Genie9
File Size: 150 MB
Price: $39.95
Exclusive 50% Discount: Buy Genie Timeline Home with 50%-off (valid until October 1st, 2011)

Genie Timeline Home helps you to back up your computer, cellphone and portable device. It supports to back up photo, document, song, email and every data you have. There are several reasons why I recommend you to use Genie Timeline Home as your Backup Software:

1. It is simple and easy to use.

Both beginner and advanced user could use this program with ease. It’s only need three steps to back up everything on your computer, cellphone and mobile device. When you are on the go and disconnect your device, it will automatically resume the backup process when your device reconnected.

2. It is a smart backup software.

Genie has several “smart” backup features that will save your valuable time. First, it will back up your data automatically. Second, it will back up data depending on the file types. Documents and other important files will back up frequently than large virtual images. Third, it will back up and modified sections only, saves time and your hard disk space.

3. You will get all reports.

Genie will give you the backup detail reports. You will get backup breakdown that contains informative charts of the backup details. There will also email notification reports if there is something wrong with the backup process. You can also check the backup details directly from your iPhone and iPad device.

4. It has several modes to save computer resources.

Genie Timeline Backup has “Smart Mode” feature that automatically runs different modes depending on PC usage. It will slow down and pause the backup process if you are playing game, watching a movie, or using a lot of computer resources.

5. It is easy to restore the computer.

When something bad happened with your computer, you can restore and revert it back easily. You can also access the backup images on other computers even without Genie Timeline Home installed.

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