Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta for free!

Who don’t know Adobe Photoshop. This world most popular photo editor software truly has various complete features. Various fantastic effects can also be added in photo easily. Even bad quality picture can be better by a little touch of Adobe Photoshop. Lately, Adobe has just released Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta which is the latest version of Photoshop series. Fortunately, you can download this Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta for free and legal!


Adobe explained that in this CS6 beta version, there are various new features which would make Adobe Photoshop user easier to use it. Example, there are some creativity tool addition and imagining magic which is able to repair photo more instantly.

There’s also Content-Aware-Tool consisted of various sub tool : Content-Aware Patch makes user possible to choose and duplicate area of a picture to be filled in other picture area. Content-Aware Move makes the user possible to select and move object from one position to other position in a picture.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta (for Windows)
Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta (for Mac OS)

Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta can be downloaded and used for free. There’s a big possibility, you can use it for free until the middle of 2012 or more.

Installer Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta doesn’t need serial number activation. When you’ve already installed it, you can use it directly.

However, you need Adobe ID to activate it. The Adobe ID can be got for free by registering when you install Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta.

How about it? Do you have interest to Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta for free legal?

I hope this information will be beneficial for you.

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