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In built-in mode, Windows already has uninstaller feature to uninstall software. But unfortunately, windows default uninstaller program is not able to uninstall perfectly. Sometimes after a software uninstalled, this software still left registry detail, some files, etc. to overcome the problem, it needs an uninstaller software which is able to clean the software clearly. Advanced Uninstaller Pro is one of the answer!


Advanced Uninstaller Pro has various features which guarantee that there would be nothing left from all software you’ve installed.

Some key features from Advanced Uninstaller Pro are:

1. Uninstall Tool
2. Installation Monitor
3. Startup Manager
4. Windows Services
5. Quick Cleaner
6. Start Menu Cleaner
7. Start Menu Items Manager
8. Font Manager
9. Control Panel Manager

The good news for you is, this Advanced Uninstaller Pro can be got for free and legal. How? Just follow this short guidance:

1. Download and install Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Installer

2. Advanced Uninstaller Pro can be used without any registration. However, if you want to do registration, it can be done for free through General Setting -> Rating -> Change menu

There’s still some argue about whether we need to use uninstaller software or not. Some say, it’s needed since software waste which has been uninstalled would be piled up and reduce the computer performance. Some say, it doesn’t need to, because windows original uninstaller is the most conformed uninstaller for windows itself. What about you?

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