Download Armed Assault 2 (Arma 2) Game For Free and Legal

Are you a tactical shooter game fan? If yes, this Armed Assault 2 game can be your additional game collection which is worth to be played. Armed Assault 2 or popularly known as Arma 2 is a tactical shooter game equipped with various vehicle and fighter aircraft. All players are able to order all team members as strategy wanted. It surely extend your real-time strategy feel in this game.




Player even able to order other teams by using high command system. Arma 2 took scenes in Eastern Europian of Chernarus or often called as Black Rusia.

Here is trailer from Armed Assault 2 game:

Exciting, isn’t it? If you want to play this Armed Assault 2 game, you can download Arma 2 Client for free here:

Arma 2 Client Download link

In this free version of Armed Assault 2, player is able to play all existed mission. But player cannot use HD version graphic quality since free version graphic setting has been limited. Besides, player cannot use the existed mod either.

Fortunately, those limitations are not reducing the excitement in playing this Armed Assault 2 Game. Enjoy this exciting tactical shooting!

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