Download Backup Data Software: O&O AutoBackup for Free and Legal

All computer users must have precious important data in their computer. The data probably office data, thesis data, family photos, or other data. Because hard disk can be damage anytime, all computer users would be better to make preparation so that their valuable data doesn’t lose. One of the ways is by using backup data software O&O AutoBackup. Fortunately, you can get this O&O AutoBackup backup software for free and legal till the end of January 2012. Do you want to know how?


Actually, from the way creating data backup, O&O AutoBackup is more suitable called as synchronization software than backup software. O&O AutoBackup whill synchronize your selected file and folder in hard disk to external storage media automatically.

O&O AutoBackup support folder and file synchronization to USB flash disk, external hard disk, or Firewire Volume. As an example, you can create backup from your working data folder to USB flash disk. O&O AutoBackup will automatically synchronize your work data folder in hard disk with the one stored in USB flash disk. All changes you’ve done to the data would be automatically synchronized to data backup in your USB flash disk.

So, if you lose your original data, backup data you provided can be assured as the latest data.

Actually O&O AutoBackup is a paid backup data software, but until the end of January 2012 you can get it for free and legal.

You just have to follow this guidance to get legal license of O&O AutoBackup :

1. Visit this page.
2. Insert your email in column provided and click on “Request free license”.


3. Wait until 10 to 15 minutes, then open your email. O&O AutoBackup license and its download link is sent through your email.


With O&O AutoBackup, you don’t have to worry losing your important data.

Beside using software, you can also backup your data automatically and synchronized with Sugarsync Backup Storage. Get 5,5 GB storage free from Sugarsync.

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