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We’ll never know what’s going to happen to our computer. Hard situation such as booting failure, crash system, load failure, and other incidents can be happened. If such condition happens, we will need antivirus rescue CD.

CD rescue from various antivirus vendor is a bootable CD you can use to do system scan, eliminating virus, copying or erasing file, creating or deleting file, creating or deleting partition also various other functions. All can be done directly from CD rescue bootable without Windows booting.

Almost all antivirus vendors provide antivirus rescue CD which can be downloaded for free. Here are various antivirus rescue CD and their download links.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk


Kaspersky is one of popular antivirus which its ability is undoubtable. This Kaspersky Rescue disk also contained the latest Kaspersky antivirus, so you can do computer scanning when there’s booting failure.
Download the Latest Kaspersky Rescue Disk

AVG Rescue Disk


This AVG-made CD Rescue is created with Linux platform and containing various useful tool system such as Antivirus, Midnight Commander, Simpler, to various linux tool such as vi, openssh, ntfsprogs, etc.
Download the Latest AVG Rescue Disk

BitDefender Rescue Disk


This BitDefender CD rescue product is unique. If you boot this CD rescue and connect with the internet, virus definition from this BitDefender Rescue Disk will be updated.
Download the latest BitDefender Rescue Disk

Avira Rescue Disk


Just the same as AVG Rescue Disk, this Avira-made Rescue CD is also created with Linux platform. Avira CD rescue is available in two versions, ISO and EXE
Download the latest Avira Rescue Disk (ISO)
Download the latest Avira Rescue Disk (EXE)

F-Secure Rescue Disk


CD Rescue which is produced by F-Secure considered as combination between BitDefender Rescue Disk and AVG Rescue Disk. Linux-based and provides ability to update virus definition, F-Secure Rescue Disk can be your reliable tool when your computer has failure in booting process.
Download the latest F-Secure Rescue CD



This VIPRE produced CD Rescue is self-extracting executable file (.exe) which can be “unpacked” in installation folder you wanted. You can start using this CD rescue via command line or via Windows
Download the latest VIPRE Rescue CD

Panda SafeCD


Though it’s named as SafeCD, Panda SafeCD is similar like other CD rescue. Panda SafeCD is specifically created to detect malware/virus infection and then clean it. It’s suitable to be used if there’s a severe malware infection which made your computer fail in booting process.
Download the latest Panda SafeCD

Dr.Web LiveCD


Dr.Web LiveCD can be used to clean Windows or Linux system which is failed to boot because of malware. Besides, you can also copy and remove important files to other storage media you wanted.
Download the latest Dr.Web LiveCD

Now you don’t have to worry if there’s system malfunction caused by malware which brings your computer into booting failure. You can fix it or save your important data using free antivirus rescue CD above.

Most of antivirus rescue CD above are .iso file which can be burned directly in CD and ready to use.

If you have information about the other free CD rescue gratis, please inform it via comment column. I hope it would be useful for you.

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