1-2-3 Blood Pressure: Reading Blood Pressure and Analyze It with Graphic Display

Old adage said: better to prevent than curing disease. For you who care about your health, today SOT will discuss about application which would be able to analyze your blood pressure.

Blood pressure problem occurred often, especially for elder or because of stress. Besides doing checkup regularly with physician, patient can note his/her blood pressure in paper as reference document to find out his body condition. It would be better to create a habit analyzing body’s condition to find out if something unusual happened. In such analysis, 1-2-3 Blood Pressure is a useful tool to create effect in capability for reviewing your health. By feasibility to store unlimited data, chart analysis and user interface change everytime you access it, software to monitor blood pressure is a wise step to watch your health better.

If you’re interesting, feel free to download and install the application first in:


Before installation procedure, it needs to be noted this application has two versions. Full version needs payment and freeware is available only from third party source. After installation process, 1-2-3 Blood Pressure will ask you to fill in your email to get activation serial number.

1-2-3 Blood Pressure: Reading Blood Pressure and Analyze It with Graphic Display

If you just want to try this application, you may use license which has been sent to me as the picture above.

Main display consisted of basic editing tool such as New (to insert data entries), Edit (to change specific entry), and delete (to delete unneeded entries). Cliking Program Setting on upper right will make you possible to change user interface by changing some attractive theme as you wish. As addition, data table tab makes you possible to view specific detail in tabular format with emphasizing in systolic, diastolic and your vessel pressure to give you description how is your blood pressure condition. Main window makes you possible to note and give key to interpret the result.

You can add data by click on New button which specified date and blood pressure value. Option to add New is able to remind and make you able to do review in other day.

1-2-3 Blood Pressure: Reading Blood Pressure and Analyze It with Graphic Display

Analysis tab graphically illustrate blood pressure tendency also color code to show abnormal value for each person. You can also set period to watch closer and do analysis more specifically.

1-2-3 Blood Pressure: Reading Blood Pressure and Analyze It with Graphic Display

Be care to your health! Use this application to help reviewing your own condition. By keeping your health, your productivity would be better too. Okay, Don’t forget to click on like, tweet, or plus one for this article. Share it to other people who also care with their health, especially for them who have tendency a risk blood pressure.

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