1 Application and 3 Desktop Recorder Software

Do you want to create video from what you’ve done in your desktop, such as getting video when you play game, edit photo, or typing, creating tutorial video, and other various things?

There’s a way to create easier tutorial video by using three software and one application to record your desktop. Here is those software and application.

1. HyperCam 2


Previous day, my friend Daniel has explained software about HyperCam 2. just as explained before, this software is shared for free by their developer. HyperCam 2 can be used to create tutorial, demo, presentation, and other videos fast and easy. After you do recording, the result of HyperCam 2 video would have Avi video format.

Download HyperCam 2:



2. Screen2Avi


This Software is available with portable version and install, you can use any form. Screen2Avi has easier setting to be used when recording video than HyperCam 2, it would make you easier in creating tutorial video. Recording video produced by Screen2Avi would be in AVI video format.

Download Screen2Avi:



3. Webinaria


Webinaria is an open source software which can be edited by anyone. Besides, this software is only made for Windows fan. Webinaria is able to record desktop with its audio. To record your video and audio, you can use keyboard shortcut. Besides, Webinaria is also able to record video with web cam and record audio by microphone. Video format produced by Webinaria are AVI and FLV.
Download Webinaria:



4. Screenr


To record our desktop, we don’t have to install those three software above, we can also record our desktop using web Screenr application. To use Screenr, you just have to register yourself. You can register by using social network you have, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Screenr is able to record your desktop just by one click, by clicking on “Launch screen recorder now!“. after you recorded your desktop, you can share it to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks friends.

Visit Screenr in:


Now, it would be easier to record desktop using those applications above, wouldn’t it?

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