23 Reasons Why You Should Update to IrfanView 4.3

Are you IrfanView user? If so, then there are 23 reasons for you why you should update to its latest version. Yesterday IrfanView was updated to IrfanView 4.3 with several critical improvements and fixes. These are below are 23 critical fixes and improvements that make you should update to IrfanView 4.3 now:

23 Reasons Why You Should Update to IrfanView 4.3

1. Faster JPG loading with Turbo-JPG technology.
2. New Paste options that you can access on “Edit -> Paste Special” and “Properties -> Editing -> Fit clipboard image”.
3. New changes in open and save diaogs. Now recent folder box and view mode is remembered.
4. Menu “File-> Recent directories” removed because now it’s placed in the Open Dialog
5. There are several new option in canvas size dialog.
6. There is “allow placeholders” option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs.
7. There us “Batch Editing” option in JPG IPTC dialog.
8. Capture dialog now has several new options like “Send to Clipboard, Printer, and New Name patterns”
9. There is option to show alpha channel for PNG/TIF/TGA files that you can access from menu: “Image -> Show channel”
10. There is option to show TIF alpha and transparency for 32 but RGBA images. You can access it from menu: “Image -> Show Channel”
11. Now EXIF and IPTC PlugIns merged into Metadata-Plugin. You don’t have to install it separately.
12. Resizeable effects dialog.
13. New Basic support for EXIF saving from DIGICAM RAW formats to JPG.
14. New added AltaLux Effect/Plugin that you can access from menu “Image -> Effects menu”
15. There is option to set tolerance value for “Auto crop borders” that you can find at “Properties -> Editing”.
16. New advanced batch dialog: crop width or height can be negative.
17. There is new option “Remember last rename counter” in batch rename dialog.
18. Support for Multi Picture Object (MPO format).
19. Support GLCD format.
20. Now you can delete image (using DEL key) directly from slideshow mode.
21. There are new hotkeys: “SHIFT + 1-3” to start external editor 1-3.
22. There is another new hotkey: “Shift + .” : toogle slideshow modes (random or automatic).
23. There are other minor bugs fixed.

Those 23 improvements and fixes make IrfanView 4.3 works far better than the previous version. To download IrfanView Software, simply go to their official download page at this link below:



you can select any download link you want

Then you can select any download link you want.

IrfanView is a very small and fast graphic viewer for all windows operating system. It lets you to view, edit, and modify any image you want. It support most of all image formats and the best things..it’s free!

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